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Black ice creates chaos on Connecticut roads. Get street smart. Stay safe.

You’re driving just after sunset in winter. You see what looks like a large puddle on the road. The next thing you know, your car’s sliding out of control, perhaps slamming into a tree or even another vehicle. How did this happen? Blame black ice. This nasty road condition results when melting snow re-freezes and instantly turns a wet road into an ice rink. That’s why the National Weather Service frequently issues black ice warnings in Connecticut. Black ice is dangerous!

Black ice can be deceptive. The road looks wet, but it’s really frozen solid. That’s often why drivers lose control of their car on black ice. They never even realize there’s ice on the road until it’s too late.

Black ice accidents happen all over the world. Listen to this woman’s horrific story of how she lost control of her vehicle on black ice and veered into an icy canal in Scotland. Watch this video to see how a small patch of black ice triggers one accident after another on this Asian highway. Notice how even the tow truck arriving at the scene of the accident cannot stop due to dangerous black ice.

Experts estimate that black ice covered roads result in five times more accidents than clear roads. Trying to stop on black ice can be extremely dangerous. It takes nine times as long to stop on black ice as it does on a clear road, according to road safety experts. That’s why it’s crucial you don’t slam on your breaks if you hit a patch of black ice. Don’t make any sudden steering changes either. Just ride it out.

Black ice accidents happen fast. What if you were injured in a black ice accident? What if you couldn’t work for weeks or months? How would you pay your bills? You need someone familiar with serious accidents. You need someone you trust to fight for your rights. You need the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli.

Our skilled lawyers have years of experience defending people injured in weather-related car accidents throughout Connecticut. We know how to successfully navigate through such complicated cases. Don’t be a victim. Take action. Contact Salomone & Morelli today. We’re on your side.

Connecticut watchdog group warns about unsafe toys. Get the facts.

Think all your children’s toys are safe? Think again! A Connecticut consumer watchdog group recently released its list of dangerous toys for 2010. The dangerous toys identified by Connecticut Public Interest Research Group include:

  • Toy handcuffs made with unsafe levels of antimony, a carcinogen.
  • Handy Manny’s Let’s Get Building Construction Set, which has many small parts that pose a choking hazard.
  • Lokmock/Baby’s First Train, which has small parts children may choke on.

Every three minutes, a child must be treated in an emergency room for an injury caused by a dangerous toy. In 2009, an estimated 186,000 children under 15 years old were treated in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In contrast, 152,000 children sustained toy-related injuries in 2005. Dangerous toys were linked to 12 deaths in 2009, down from 24 toy-related fatalities in 2007 and 2008, the CPSC reports.

The CPSC recalled 44 toys in fiscal year 2010, which ended Sept. 30. Click here to find a complete list of recalled toys. And even toys that have not been recalled can be dangerous, notes Joan Swartz, co-founder of World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH. Sharp-edged toys or ones with projectiles can be dangerous. That’s why WATCH cautioned against buying Spy Gear Viper Blaster. Eye injuries are a real risk. Watch this video to see WATCH’s 10 Most Dangerous Toys of 2010.

Has your child been injured by a dangerous toy? Unsure what to do? Don’t take on large toy manufacturers by yourself. You need someone familiar with handling such complicated cases. You need someone who understands federal safety regulations. You need someone experienced, determined, dedicated to getting results. You need the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli.

Our lawyers have years of experience fighting for victims of dangerous toys in Connecticut. When you choose us, we work tirelessly for you. Companies have a responsibility to make safe products. When they fail to do so, fight back. Contact Salomone & Morelli today. We mean business!

Connecticut Christmas trees fires happen fast. Are you prepared?

Christmas trees fires happen fast. Don’t believe us? Watch this video here. In just six seconds, a fire started near a Christmas tree quickly becomes a massive inferno. It’s no joke. Christmas tree fires pose a very real threat of serious burn injuries or even death.

Each year,  fire departments respond to an average of 260 fires that started with Christmas trees, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Christmas tree fires kill 14 people, injury 26 and cause $13.8 million in property damage annually on average.

What can you do to prevent a Christmas tree fire in your house? First, choose a fresh tree. Older ones with needles that fall off burn fast. Next, put the tree at least 3 feet away from a heat source like a fireplace or radiator. Fires spread fast.

And every day, make sure you do two things: water your tree and turn off your Christmas tree lights before you go to bed. Watering your tree may save your life.  A dry Christmas tree burns much faster than a properly watered one. Watch this video comparing a dry tree and a watered tree to see just how much faster the dry tree engulfs the room in flames.

Knowing what to do after a Christmas tree fire can be confusing. Dealing with serious injuries or the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. Scared? Confused? We can help. We’re the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli.

Our lawyers have years of experience successfully representing fire victims throughout Connecticut. We know how to handle big insurance companies. Let us deal with all the red tape so your family can focus on your recovery.

Christmas tree fires can be traumatic. Recovering from one should not. Contact Salomone & Morelli. We’re on your side.

DePuy Hip Replacements recalled. Discover your options. Get the facts.

Have you been living with pain for years with your artificial hip? Tired of suffering? You’re not alone.

A massive, worldwide recall for DePuy Hip Replacement implants has been issued by Johnson & Johnson, the parent company for DePuy Orthopaedics. The recall affects ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System. If you have another type of artificial hip and experience pain and other suffering, continue reading. We may be able to help you get your life back.

Artificial hips covered by the recall were surgically implanted after July 2003. If you had a DePuy Hip installed after July 2003, your device has been recalled.

Why is Johnson & Johnson recalling the devices? According to the company’s official web site, “data recently received by the company shows that more people than expected who received the ASR Hip System experienced pain and other symptoms.”  Other symptoms include knee swelling and problems walking.

Sounds simple. But medical malpractice cases are complicated. Dealing with a corporation like Johnson & Johnson on your own may be risky. You may also have to deal with your health insurance company. Be careful. Medical cases are very tricky.

Now may be your only opportunity to recover for your years of pain and suffering you endured with a defective medical product. You need to consider every factor. How has your DePuy Hip Replacement affected your life? Have you been unable to work because of the pain caused by this device? Have you missed out on other valuable opportunities in life? Don’t underestimate the hardship you endured.

You need someone who takes your problems seriously. You need someone who’s not afraid to take on large corporations and understands confusing insurance policies. You need someone on your side dedicated to fighting for your rights. You need the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli.

Serving clients throughout Connecticut, Salomone & Morelli have years of experience dealing with complicated medical malpractice cases involving defective products. Let us help you navigate through this complex legal bureaucracy. We know how to cut through the red tape and get you the compensation you deserve.

Take control of your life. Act now. Contact Salomone & Morelli today. We’re on your side.

Don’t Delay Justice: The Statute of Limitations Means the Clock is Ticking

Who isn’t busy these days with family, work and other responsibilities? If you suffered a personal injury because of someone’s negligence, you may be tempted to put off taking any immediate legal action.  But it’s important to be aware that your rights may be affected if you wait too long to file a lawsuit for any type of wrongful conduct, from an auto accident to a workplace injury or a slip and fall. You may be unable to seek justice in your case because time has run out under the statute of limitations.

In personal injury law, the statute of limitations refers to the window of time you have to file a lawsuit after wrongful conduct has caused you harm. In general, the time period runs from the date the accident occurs, or when it was “discovered,” which could be later, to the date the time expires to file a lawsuit.  If you are injured and try to file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations expiration date, a court may dismiss the lawsuit entirely.

The time period on statute of limitations varies from state to state and from claim to claim. Because it can be difficult to keep track of the various statutes and exceptions, it’s wise to contact a qualified attorney who can tell you how the statute of limitations might apply to your specific case.

The following are examples of different types of cases and how the statute of limitations would apply to them in Connecticut. There may be some exceptions:

Don’t delay filing your case beyond the time period outlined in the statute of limitations. If you wait too long, you may lose your rights. If you or a loved one was injured due to another’s negligence, contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli today. An experienced attorney can provide a free and confidential consultation and answer any questions you have about your case and the statute of limitations. Get in touch with us today before it’s too late. We vigorously defend the rights of our clients and pursue the full compensation entitled to them under state law.


On June 3, 2010, Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell signed into law a bill that closes a loophole in the state’s regulations regarding cell phone usage while driving. The new law in no uncertain terms bans texting on a cell phone or other hand-held wireless devices while driving. However, “hands free” voice activated texting will still be allowed, along with hands-free cell phone usage in general.

When the new law goes into effect on Oct. 1, it will clear up much confusion about whether or not texting is allowed while driving in Connecticut. The confusion came about because Connecticut is one of eight states nationwide that has already banned the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. Drivers must use a hands-free device while talking on a cell phone. But that law doesn’t specifically state that Connecticut drivers are prohibited from texting while driving.

The new law also eliminates the one-time exemption that violators had been able to claim by submitting proof of purchase of a hands-free cell phone. Now, first time violators face a fine of $100. A second offense of texting while driving will cost you $150. All subsequent violations will each result in a $200 fine.

Keeping up with the latest laws can be mind boggling. Knowing what’s legal or not can be confusing. We can help. Contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli. If you have been involved in a car accident involving a texting driver, we know how to navigate through the complex legal hurdles standing in your way for justice.

Don’t let someone else’s reckless behavior ruin your life. Take action. Contact Mark E. Salomone & Morelli. We’re on your side.

Tenant injuries create chaos in Connecticut. Be prepared.

What happens when a tenant gets injured at their rented property? Who’s responsible? Who’s liable? The landlord?  Who will pay your medical bills? What about lost wages? What are your rights?

And what if you sustain an injury at work in a rented office? What if you’re a guest at your friend’s rented apartment and you get injured? What should you do?

Common household injuries can cover a wide range, including head injuries and broken bones. In some cases, certain tenant injuries can be extremely severe, sometimes even resulting in someone’s accidental death.

Each state has unique liability laws. In Connecticut, the landlord is required to keep common areas safe. Landlords can often be held liable if authorities determine the landlord was negligent in maintaining the property and if the landlord had actual or constructive notice of the defect, but did not repair or correct it . By law, landlords are required to safely maintain their property for tenants.

Your lease could also play a major role in what happens. Some leases include liability exemption clauses. Often, an exemption clause only applies to the tenant. That means a landlord can be held liable for injuries to a third party on the property, even if there is an exemption clause. But such laws vary from state to state.

Every accident is unique. Many factors come into play. Questions often lead to more questions. Confused? Scared? Take action. Contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli today. When you chose us, you get experienced tenant injury lawyers who understand the law and know how to aggressively fight for your family to get the justice you deserve.

Tenant injury cases are complicated. Don’t let insurance companies or landlords push you around. Contact Salomone & Morelli. We’re on your side.

Dogs bite people every day. Are you prepared?

Dogs bite people when you least expect it. Just last month, a Ridgefield, Connecticut man and his puppy were viciously attacked by another dog. One in five dog bites nationwide result in injuries requiring medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Each year, dogs bite more than 4.7 million Americans nationwide. What should you do if a dog bites you or your child? And what if you are the owner of a dog that has bitten someone else?

State laws vary concerning dog bites. In Connecticut, a dog must be quarantined for 14 days after biting a person. State law also holds the owner of a dog liable for most dog attacks. But there are exceptions. They include if the victim was trespassing, committing another crime or teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog. Children under 7 years old who are bitten by a dog are presumed to have not done these things, but even that’s up for debate by law.

So who pays for injuries inflicted by a dog? Don’t worry about having deal with your friends or neighbors directly if you or a loved one is a victim of a dog attack. Insurance companies handle dog bites. That means you get the compensation you’re entitled to without having to make enemies with the owner of the dog.

Certain steps should be taken right after a dog bite. There’s also things you can do as a dog owner to reduce the likelihood of a dog attack. These include:

  • Don’t leave your dog alone with small children.
  • Take your dog to obedience classes.
  • Don’t teach your dog to play rough.
  • Keep your dog in a fenced yard.

Dog bite cases are complicated. You may be entitled to more money than you realize. Confused? We can help. Contact the Law Offices of offices of Mark E. Salomone and Morelli today. When you chose us, you get experienced, dog bite injury lawyers who will aggressively fight to get you the justice you deserve.

Don’t let a dog bite ruin your life. Contact Salomone & Morelli today.

Toyota recall spurs lawmakers to action. Are you safe?

Toyota’s massive recall of vehicles with defective breaks has prompted politicians in Washington to take action. U.S. legislators recently wrote a proposed law aimed at preventing such catastrophic defects in vehicles in the future. The proposed law would require all automakers to install anti-runaway technology. Such improvements include brake override systems, stop-start technology and event data recorders.

The proposed law may also give the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the authority to quickly order recalls of vehicles deemed to be a public danger. The recall measure would give the NHTSA the power to stop to all sales of vehicles deemed to pose an “imminent hazard” to the public, eliminating the current public-hearing process.

Since November, Toyota has recalled more than 9.9 million vehicles worldwide – including 8 million in the U.S. – for defects believed to cause unintended acceleration. Such defects have been blamed for 37 deaths nationwide since 2000.

Accidents are complicated. Laws change quickly. Don’t leave your family’s future to chance. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in a Toyota or another vehicle brand, take action. Contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone and Morelli today. Our knowledgeable, experienced lawyers will vigorously defend your rights and get you the compensation you are entitled to as a victim of an automobile defect or accident. Don’t let someone else’s reckless behavior ruin your life. You deserve justice. We can help.

Connecticut motorcycle laws may change. Will you be affected?

Hitting the open road on a motorcycle has long been a dream for many Americans. The freedom to do so safely may soon be easier too in Connecticut.

This month, the state House of Representatives passed a bill that would require new motorcyclists to take a novice training course to obtain their license to operate a motorcycle. The House overwhelmingly passed the bill, which must be signed by the Governor to become law starting in 2011. The proposed law would not apply to current license holders.

The proposed training class will cost $200. That might seem like a steep price to pay to get a license. But making the roads safer for motorcyclists makes sense for everyone, especially since more motorcyclists than ever are on our roads.

The number of registered motorcycles – and motorcycle accidents – has increased steadily nationwide in recent years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 1998, there were 3.8 million motorcycles on the roads, 2,294 fatal motorcycle accidents and 49,000 motorcycle injury accidents nationwide. In 2007, there were more than 7.1 million registered motorcycles, 5,174 fatal crashes and 103,000 injuries nationwide. In 2008, fatal motorcycle crashes rose again to 5,290 fatalities. The number of motorcycle injuries dropped for the first time in 10 years to 96,000 in 2008. Statistics on the number of motorcycles registered in 2008 were not available.

Motorcycle accidents can change people’s lives forever in an instant. Knowing what to do afterwards can be difficult. We can help. Contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone and Morelli today. When you chose us, you get experienced, motorcycle injury lawyers who know how to fight effectively and aggressively to get your family the justice and compensation you deserve.

Don’t let a motorcycle accident ruin your family’s lives. Take action now.