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Workplace violence no joking matter. Take action.

The flight attendant who famously quit recently by sliding out of the plane down its inflatable slide with several beers in his hands has been all over the news. Who doesn’t sometimes fantasize about storming out of the office on a bad day and telling an annoying customer or boss to take a hike? But as funny as this situation was, the incident also reminds us of the real risk of workplace violence.

Before Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater stormed off the airplane on the runway at Kennedy International Airport in New York, a passenger struck Slater on the head with a suitcase. Workplace violence is a serious health hazard that affects the lives of people across the country. Sometimes, it’s a funny incident like the one on the Jet Blue airplane. Other times, it’s sadly much more serious, like the fatal shootings recently at a beer distribution facility in Manchester, Conn.

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