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Toyota recall spurs lawmakers to action. Are you safe?

Toyota’s massive recall of vehicles with defective breaks has prompted politicians in Washington to take action. U.S. legislators recently wrote a proposed law aimed at preventing such catastrophic defects in vehicles in the future. The proposed law would require all automakers to install anti-runaway technology. Such improvements include brake override systems, stop-start technology and event data recorders.

The proposed law may also give the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the authority to quickly order recalls of vehicles deemed to be a public danger. The recall measure would give the NHTSA the power to stop to all sales of vehicles deemed to pose an “imminent hazard” to the public, eliminating the current public-hearing process.

Since November, Toyota has recalled more than 9.9 million vehicles worldwide – including 8 million in the U.S. – for defects believed to cause unintended acceleration. Such defects have been blamed for 37 deaths nationwide since 2000.

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