Connecticut drunk drivers pose threat on July 4th. Protect yourself.

What day is the deadliest one on American highways? Sadly, it’s July 4th. On average, 161 people are killed each year on this day in car accidents nationwide, making Independence Day the deadliest day on America’s highways. And right behind it, July 3rd ranks as the second deadliest day of the year to drive.  But fatal accidents can happen at any moment, especially on busy highways like Connecticut’s Interstate 84.

The July 4th holiday also ranks near the top for alcohol sales each year nationwide. Statistically, this holiday ranks number one – ahead of Labor Day, New Year’s Eve and Memorial Day – for beer consumption nationwide.

Not surprisingly, drunk driving can be a serious hazard facing people on the road any day in Connecticut and especially this holiday weekend. What can you do to protect yourself? How will you stay safe on the road this July 4th?

Here’s some suggested tips aimed to keep you safe.

  • Stay off the road if you don’t have to travel on July 4th.
  • If you must travel to get to your holiday destination, travel on days other than July 3rd or 4th.
  • Drive during daylight hours. Statistically, fatal accidents involving drunk drivers are more than four times as likely to occur at night versus during the day.

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