Connecticut families face obstacles after fatal motor vehicle accidents

Fatal motor vehicle accidents take a serious financial toll on Connecticut families every day. After the death of a loved one, many people live in fear of financial ruin. Bills pile up. Insurance companies may ignore your calls. A horrible situation can sometimes spiral out of control, leaving your family frightened and scared.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a study examining the financial impact of fatal motor vehicle crashes in America. Each year, such accidents cost families $41 billion nationwide in lost work and medical expenses. That figure is $263 million annually for medical expenses and lost work related to fatal Connecticut motor vehicle crashes.

After someone dies in a car accident, their family must confront many serious financial matters. How to pay for the funeral and medical expenses related to the accident come first. Then there’s the issue of the loss of future income. How will the family financially survive? What if insurance companies try to play games?

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