Young Motorcycle Rider Dies in New Haven Accident

Jun 2013

According to the New Haven Independent, a 25-year-old motorcycle rider lost his life recently as a result of an auto accident. The motorcycle and a car collided on Dixwell Avenue near the intersection of Dixwell and Pond Street. When police responded to the scene, the motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Our New Haven motorcycle accident lawyers know that motorcyclists are significantly more likely to die in collisions than drivers or passengers in other types of vehicles. Unfortunately, this accident was yet another situation where a young life was cut short as a result of a tragic crash.

Fatalities Occur when Bikers are Thrown from Motorcycles

According to the New Haven Independent, the recent fatal motorcycle accident involved a Chevrolet Camaro and a motorcycle. The Camaro was traveling north on Dixwell Avenue while the motorcycle rider was headed south. The car made a left turn onto Pond Street at the intersection and a collision occurred with the motorcycle rider.

As a result of the collision, the motorcycle rider was ejected from his bicycle. The bike traveled for a long distance and the motorcycle rider hit the car and was killed. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined and police are uncertain as to who was to blame for the crash. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation reports failure to yield and turning left in front of an oncoming motorcycle is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in the United States.

Accidents frequently happen at intersections where motorcycle riders and drivers meet and are especially common when a driver is turning left. A driver making a left turn might cut off a motorcycle rider and fail to yield the right-of-way; may underestimate the speed at which the motorcycle rider is approaching the intersection or may not even see the motorcycle rider at all.

All of this can lead to disaster for a motorcycle rider because of the fact that a bike provides almost no protection for a rider. It is entirely too common for motorcycle riders to be thrown from their bikes when an accident happens. In a best-case scenario, being thrown from a bike usually causes at least some minor injuries including bruises and road burn. In a worst case scenario, through, the biker flying through the air and striking the road or other vehicles will sustain serious injury to the head, spine, back or neck. These serious injuries can result in death.

The limited protection provided by the bike and the fact that motorcyclists are so often ejected from their vehicles contributes to the high injury and fatality rate. The NHTSA, for example, estimates that motorcycle riders are thirty-times as likely to die in a crash as those in passenger cars and are five-times as likely to be injured when compared with drivers or passengers in other types of vehicles.

Because of the serious risk to motorcycle riders, drivers need to be careful to avoid causing a deadly wreck. This is especially true at intersections and when drivers are changing lanes, as a drivers failure to look or failure to yield are among the top causes of deadly motorcycle accidents.

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