Hartford Drivers Distracted by Hands-Free Devices

There are many electronic devices that people have become dependent upon today. From talking on cell phones and text messaging to using an electronic GPS to get to your destination, there is a good chance that you use at least some electronics in your car. Unfortunately, using these devices can increase your risk of a collision whether traveling along I-91 in Rocky Hill or while leaving the Shoppes at Buckland Hills in Manchester.

A personal injury lawyer knows that many motorists believe they will be safer if they use a hands-free system in their car rather than physically picking up their phone or manually typing into electronic controls. The reality, however, is that multitasking can have a long-term negative impact on your brain. Not only that, but you are still so distracted by using hands-free devices that driving safely is difficult or impossible.

Studies Show Dangers of Driving Distracted

According to Yahoo News, recent studies have demonstrated that voice activated phone systems and voice activated infotainment systems are not any safer for drivers than using handheld systems. In fact, in many cases, using electronic devices with voice control systems can actually be more dangerous than it would have been to simply use your hands to complete the desired task.

Researchers studied drivers using Appleā€™s virtual assistant Siri, on a simulated driving course. Researchers also tested drivers using popular hands-free infotainment systems made by popular car manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Mercedes, Hyundai, Ford and Chrysler. Each of the different systems was rated on a scale based on how much of a distraction that particular system caused. When the hands-free electronic use caused the least distraction, it would receive a one on the scale. The most distracting devices would receive a five.

Researchers found that using Siri was the worst and most distracting thing that a driver could do. Siri received a 4.14 rating out of five. On the simulated driving course, the motorists who were talking to Siri to get Siri to do tasks actually ended up rear ending vehicles in front of them twice.

In-vehicle electronic systems did a little better, but not much better. The worst of the infotainment systems was the Chevrolet MyLink, which received a distraction score of 3.7. Other systems were not as distracting, but all were found to cause more of a problem in terms of safe driving than if the driver had just used his or her cellular phone in the first place.

The news that multitasking is dangerous is bad news for drivers, because it means that people who try to use electronics can increase the risk of an accident. However, an article from Forbes also suggests that those who are routinely involved in multitasking are actually likely to be the worst at it. This is because people who multitask regularly become less able to pay attention, less able to recall information, and less able to effectively switch from one task to another. As a result, those who are likely to multitask in the car, who are often serious multi-taskers are likely to be the least safe of all.

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